Saturday, June 8, 2013

fuck all of the things right now....

like an unnoticed vapor
floating by without so much as a second glance
i shout and scream
i frantically wave my hands hoping you'll see
but no
treading water so thick
tired body and mind weary from the fight
my adrenaline has worn off
i can only feel the ache of every muscle
the pain is at least distracting
enough to take my mind off of what it is set on
i cant shake it
i cant fathom how or why
but i cant shake it
these petty little feelings
these thoughts take flight and i get carried away
taken by a currrent too strong
there's no choice but to let myself go
and i hate where it takes me
the sights are horrible
the water is smelling of stale urine
i catch sight of my reflection
who is this horrific mess?
i can vaguely remember a period
this brief little blip of time
where i liked what i saw
i liked who i was
i can tell you i have no idea
so maybe i am the faceless vapor
vying for your attention
the unnoticeable blip on the radar
the distant planet so far removed
from the resrt of the galaxy
maybe i am as tired as i look
maybe a faceless vapor floating away is where i should remain
the constant of overlooked
the constant of not enough
the constant of "too much"
at least there's consistency to match my absence

see you later ...

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