Saturday, June 29, 2013


this word... this bundle of letters make up this word that carries such power and meaning.
this combination of sounds that holds so much within itself.

i learned a lot about this word today.
it came up in conversation effortlessly but repeatedly.

today i learned to appreciate.
i learned to appreciate the city i live in... that on one side of me there is chaos and clutter and busy-ness, yet on the other side of me there is tranquility and peace and nature.  im lucky to get to experience that and i appreciate it.

i appreciate that i work up in a sour and foul mood and merely went to get brunch with a friend and it turned into this all day adventure of revealing conversation and truth and feelings and understanding.  there was so much light in today and i appreciate that.

i like that i was forced to see the scope of life outside of my tunnel SELF vision.
so to those that read this that are in my life and to those that dont read this that are in my life...
i want you to know...
i appreciate you.

i appreciate how you let me get to know you, that you want to get to know me, that you see things in me and tell me whether they are good or bad.  i appreciate that you make time for me whether frequent or sparse.  i appreciate you listening to me and letting me listen to you.  i can't thank you enough and i hope the power of this one word will make it to your understanding as you read this or that you can feel it in my thoughts... i appreciate you.

sometimes it's a day of spontaneity and repair to make you realize you have everything you need and everything, for right now, is exactly where it needs to be.

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