Friday, July 22, 2011

maybe it isnt just me....

maybe i'm not the only one stuck in this vortex of frustration.  maybe i'm not the only one tired of the highs and lows of this relationship carousel that just wont stop. 
is the sanctity of marriage or of a relationship just bullshit?  i mean honestly, this has been a perpetual pattern by the male gender to be sweet and thoughtful and romantic and dorky- all the things us girls secretly love deep down, only to wait for us to be reeled in and smitten and then kick back and coast.  then the arguments happen, then people cheat, then people get upset and sad, then people either become destructive or break up.
this is the cycle of relationships i have known. 

i mean honestly, is it just that the male gender is lazy and slow or is that women have expectations that are just too high?  is it that men really have no idea or that women spend too much time watching romantic comedies and get a warped view of reality? 


i'd like to hope things can be better.  i'd like to hope that one day i can be privy to the dorkiness of love and a functional relationship and not just have it peak at one year and go on the roller coaster ride thereafter.

i'm sure it exists somewhere... but where is it?

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