Tuesday, July 26, 2011

maybe it's time

im not posting this on facebook because of all the people that are tattling on me or prying into my business in other ways by saying things behind my back to the obvious other party involved in this situation.  so this will remain here for whoever cares to read.

so, i think it's time.  the past 3 days have been nothing but explosive arguments that my poor daughter has been privy to witness.  it sucks to see the fear in her eyes and hear her cry.  i cant stand it.  she has become extra clingy and fearful of strangers.

im worried because financially, neither of us are very stable.  im even selling my guitar so i can make some extra money.  i know that i just have to put my little one first and things will fall into place as they need to.  i need to just take deep breaths, be prepared to make some necessary sacrifices and changes and buckle down and be the best mom i can be for her.

i see the fear in her eyes when we argue and know that this is NOT the best that i promised to provide for her.  so i think it's time....  a break to start .... and then who knows.

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  1. Hey Kelly- I just happened to find your blog bc you posted a comment on Casey's post. I am so sorry you are having a hard time right now in your relationship. I would not even know how to advice you. I know God sees the pain and knows the hurt. I am praying for you- Jesus give Kelly wisdom and protection and draw her to yourself. Let her hide under the shelter of your wings. Amen