Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ready to quit on humanity

im at my wits end with people.  i assume the absolute best in everyone.  i assume the best until .... STAB STAB STAB!   ouch.  i put myself out there like a human target, arms wide open, ready to embrace anyone and everyone and give until i have nothing left with whatever free time i can muster up..... and then.... PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH!  ouch.

i think im just ready to give up on people.  im tired of being let down, snubbed, and bailed on.  im tired of people trying to spare my feelings or ignoring me completely.  im tired of lies and flattery.

just wish people would be honest like i assume they are.  maybe i just should start assuming the worst in everyone and then i wont be hurt so much when they let me down, lead me astray, or snub me completely.

i thought i left high school 10 years ago, but i guess it still carries on....

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