Saturday, May 5, 2012

all the world is a stage

cos everyone is an actor.
meaning................ everyone is a liar.

i really don't understand it though.  honesty really is the way to be cos the truth comes out eventually.  for the love of god, people put everything sans their social security numbers and blood types on facebook.  you think you are hidden, but if you post it, it's public. 

i just wish people would own up.  there's no honor in being a liar and a coward.  that's all liars are anyway are cowards.  hiding behind some facade, some alternate persona, until reality bitch slaps them into consciousness.

i think personally that i just plain am giving up on the human population.  i see too much good  in people.  i see the best in everyone and i get LET DOWN HARD.  i believe everything everyone tells me and lack discernment and judgement.  i just don't believe that people are capable of some of the things that they do to me.

i get taken advantage of, lied to, cheated on, mocked, ridiculed, made out to be a fool, and ignored.  i don't enjoy it.  i did nothing to deserve it.

maybe i do say too much.  maybe my personality IS overwhelming.  maybe i love TOO much for some.  but what is so wrong with that?  why do we fear, hate, and ostracize what is different?  why can't we embrace alternate ways of thinking, living, loving and being?  life is far too short to be running from so much.

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