Saturday, December 22, 2012


why does that word have to be a connotation for something bland and boring?  plain is a base.  plain is a canvas.  plain is a start.

for some reason i think of myself as plain.
i see myself as unimpressive, not fancy, nothing great or special or extraordinary.

now dear reader, don't think i'm depressed or anything.
im not sitting here with chocolate and booze and a chick flick (although that does sound quite amazing right now).

i just mean that... i don't fit a mold, a design or a model.  i dont fit any social group i have tried to be a part of.  i don't fit anywhere.
not to say i cant or wont, i just dont.

im the plain chip.  im the plain bagel.  im the plain m&m.  (i swear to god i have had food on the brain today so sorry for all the food references.)

the wonderful thing about plain is that it goes with everything. 
(back to food again....)
take a chip.... some things do NOT go with bbq chips or cheddar sour cream and onion chips (drooling right now).  they already have a flavor and an audience to where they belong.

i dont fit in anywhere.
and i like it that way.
maybe because i have the opportunity to fit in anywhere.

im not popular or sought after.
i am not the talk on everyone's lips.
it is rare if i get a text or an email.
i cant remember the last time i got a phone call i didnt somehow instigate.

i dont have a niche or a group or a following or a place that i belong and can call home.
and sadly, i have to say that i kind of like it that way.
i like to be a societal nomad.
i like not knowing where i belong because i dont really want to belong to anyone or anything or anywhere.  i want to belong to everyone and everywhere.

so consider me a plain canvas.
consider the whole world to be a set of paint.
i love the fact that each person that comes into my life is a different color and texture and shape. 

so you see.... plain doesn't need to be seen as dull, boring, or uninspiring.
plain can just be...
a beginning.
a start of something.
an openness to everything.

and my little hippie brain is ok with that.

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