Monday, December 10, 2012

words words words

i kind of hate them.
(yes, that statement coming from the woman who doesnt know when to shut up or stop typing....)
but i kind of hate them.

and maybe it's because i hate lies.  i hate fibs.  i hate being led along with these crafty little demons only to be abandoned in the dark with no trail to find my way back.

why say something you dont mean?
why say things just to get what you want?
that's disgusting.
i dont tolerate it.

ever since last year i have become more honest than most people would enjoy to be around.
i dont hold things back.
i say what i feel.
i say what i mean.
i say what's on my mind as it pops up.
and i get very frustrated when people cower from the truth or how they really feel.
there's no point to it.
it will come out eventually so why not just spare the nonsense and noise and just be upfront?

i also wish people would back up what they say with proof.
anyone can spew shit out of their mouth.
it's easy and has been done and can be done.
backing up what you say with some evidence however requires a SMALL FRAGMENT OF WORK that most people run from because work = yuck to the human race.
again, i sit here and shake my head because i really just dont understand it.

so my advice to anyone reading...
say only what you mean.
back up what you say with action.
be upfront and honest.
dont hide from truth or feeling.
words are powerful.
words can tear down or build up. words can imprison or free.  words can break or mend, hurt and heal.  be careful what you say and how you say it, but don't hold back out of fear.  you never know how needed some words are to be heard. 

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