Saturday, March 2, 2013

my dorky little robot boy

oh i try to act tough and like im above relationships as a whole, but really deep down, im a total mush.... the robots on my chest had a meaning that i felt so strongly about that i got it tattooed for all the world to see.  yeah ive had some bad interactions with the male gender as of late, but im still holding out for my dorky little robot boy....
who are you dorky robot boy... like to think....

youd draw me nerdy pictures just to be cute.
youd drive with me to the middle of nowhere at random hours to sit in silence and stare up into the sky.
youd lay with me in the grass on a warm day finding shapes in the clouds.
youd read me bedtime stories when im sick.
youd fly kites with me.
youd eat dinosaur shaped pb&j's and have our dinosaurs battle.
youd accept that im a single mom and not be panicked by it.
youd be my best friend.
youd want to go on adventures and explore.
youd pick me flowers just because.
youd randomly hold my hand just for a surprise.
youd make me a "mixtape" of some sort.
youd challenge me on every level.
youd teach me things.
youd learn from me.
youd encourage me.
youd let me encourage you.
youd jump on the bed with me.
youd build forts with me.
youd dance with me- silly or slow.
youd do your own laundry.
youd never leave me second guessing.
youd never "backburner" me.
youd have your own life and let me have mine but never let me doubt it for a second.
youd be a voice for the voiceless.
youd be a cheer-er for the underdog.
youd stand up for the beaten down.
youd have convictions and beliefs and make them known.
youd share your thoughts and opinions with me regardless if i disagreed.
youd be dorky.
youd be honest and real and not afraid to hear feelings or share your own.
youd not be using me as a filler til you "found what you wanted."
youd be ok to just cuddle sometimes.
youd let me be me in all my dorkiness.
youd know how to make food and not expect me to do everything.
youd love to laugh and smile.
youd let me fix things sometimes even if it takes me the whole day.
youd be carefree and teach me to let go.
youd want to grow and change and be a better version of yourself every day.
youd build a treehouse with me.
youd be randomly thoughtful.
youd find my random thoughtfulness nice and not creepy.
youd be upfront and say what you mean.
youd be simple and happy with a life of that, not wanting bigger and better and MORE MORE MORE.
youd like tattoos.
youd like robots and balloons.
youd like bouncy castles and good beer.
youd appreciate that i like whiskey more than most men.
youd teach me how let someone be nice to me and be patient with me while i learn.

so dorky little robot boy.... those are all the things i hope youll be.
back to homework.

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