Tuesday, March 12, 2013

self talk

that was what today was all about.
and if you say you dont talk to yourself youre full of poo.
we all have mental conversations, just some of us choose to ignore those "voices" ....
they don't need to be ignored but moreso sifted out from what is truth and what is our past experiences trying to rule over logic.
so today, today i recognized a lot of the reason i am the way i am is by the things i say about myself and to myself and the things i choose to listen to and dub, "logic."

so my homework is to stop saying things out loud that are not helpful and kind to myself.
my homework is to decipher when my past is trying to control my present and what is actually a logical thought.

i have a very keen hunch this is not going to be easy.
growing up in an environment where there was a lot of negative speak, gossip, and just really mean people my age, that is what i've been preconditioned to understand.
but just because that has been a part of me for so long doesnt make it true.

bear with me friends....
and if youre on the same road i am, take the same advice:

just like i need to understand, you ARE NOT what people say to you.  aaaaand if you don't really know WHO you are, take the time to learn it.  you are valuable and important just as much as everyone else.

so yeah, be kind to yourself.
speak kind words- to others, but especially yourself.
words are more powerful than you realize.

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