Saturday, October 20, 2012

a bit of nostalgia and high school

recent actions of others and myself included apparently have been very "high school"-ish ... from saying hurtful things, to how feelings were vented, to picking on people and lying and being catty and talking shit.... just.... blah- the nonsense from high school that we all hope to escape in adulthood but somehow it seems to peek its head out of the ground at different intervals throughout life.

this inspired me to revert back to my ska days.  i was happier then.  i wasn't concerned about much but shows, cds, new bands, and dancing my ass off.  i remembered the beats and smiling and making friends with everyone around me and just having good times. 
i gotta say it was probably the best move.
aside from the fact im still a little stewy over some things and snuck a few bits of halloween candy, this is the best therapy ever....

reel big fish ... i forgot how much they made me smile and how peppy the beats were to dance to.... and the dingees. .... i dont know many that even KNOW of them and i am just having the time of my life cooking audrey dinner, cleaning, at work... just dancing.

and it sounds pathetic maybe, but.... music is the most amazing creation and it's so freeing.  who would want to feel free after a year of bullshit?  i certainly have no shame.

it makes me super stoked about my next tattoo..... when i save up for it.
an homage to the things that save my life.... time and time again.

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