Wednesday, October 17, 2012

my little love

i can't believe it's been nearly 3 years since she was this tiny.  time has FLOWN.  i feel like she gets bigger every weekend i don't see her cos she's with her dad!  it's been almost a year too since i've been doing the single mom thing.

i really don't understand how that tiny little helpless peanut became this:  

a smiley, spunky, imaginative, sassy, creative, loving, empathetic, sweet little love of mine.
it's so crazy to watch her grow and see her conquer her fears, explore and try, be so concerned with everyone else's well being, try new foods, be adamant about what she likes and doesnt like, pick out her own clothes, dress herself, color, dance, learn new words, sing songs, ask really interesting questions about science and life.... i mean the list goes on.

it's amazing also how much she has taught me.  watching her at the playground do things she was once afraid of or couldn't do without help.... now able to conquer them courageously and excitedly... it's enough to make one want to try it to (with like more adult type stuff instead of monkey bars and slides and things).  so many times she's seen me upset or crying or just having a total breakdown (which i really try to not do) and she's just hugged me and kissed me and patted me on the back or leg.  im seriously the luckiest mom ever.

sometimes having such a crap schedule sucks and it gets kinda sad to do this alone but.... then there are those moments when we're watching a movie or reading a book or pretending to be dinosaurs or pirates that she just gives me a little smile or a cuddle and i really could care less about anything else in the whole world.

she was unexpected and unplanned yes, but i seriously don't know what i would do without her.  my life is drastically different, very busy, very stressful at times, and certainly very chaotic and preplanned, but it's worth it.  that little love of mine is worth it all.

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