Thursday, October 11, 2012

no one said you had to click and read

i was told today that my airing of thoughts and feelings publicly is "gross."
honestly, no one has to read this.  in fact, i assumed no one read it.  yes, i'll post a link on facebook or twitter, but i don't assume anyone gives a shit about what i have to say so i don't think anyone will actually click and read.

on that note, i have no shame in posting my thoughts and feelings in a public forum.
it's how i deal.
sometimes i write songs, sometimes i eat copious amounts of food, sometimes i eat nothing, sometimes i cry, and sometimes i blog.  lately it's just been a lot of the latter.

also, im not out for affirmation, a pity pat on the shoulder, or a tissue.  i just needed a place to vomit my thoughts and feelings and questions.
if you read it and were offended, ok you maybe should have stopped clicking and reading like 18 posts ago.
if you read it and were like "christ kelly what are you thinking?"  well, dont click and read.
and if you read it just because my psychotic girl brain is quite entertaining and irrational or sometimes emotastically sappy or sometimes funny or right, well, click and read away.

i dont do this FOR anyone.  i do this to get shit off my chest.  i do this to process and cope and release.
im not ashamed or embarrassed by any means.
i think honesty and feelings are so underrated.
we live in a society that says boys don't cry and only the weak say how they feel.
that's what is really disgusting.

it is not a crime to feel. 
it is not a crime to express how you feel, public or private.

i always said that if there were a government upheaval i would be the first arrested for saying how i feel in a public forum. 

i dont shut up.
it's a quality and a flaw all rolled in one.

and i have no shame.
the end.
happy readings if you so continue to.
my sagas and life adventures are just beginning.

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