Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So yes, an interesting few weeks I have had.
Hiccups and curve balls.
I feel like I have been sparring too hard.

I can't wait to be back with my gloves on and the mats beneath my feet, gloves striking bag and face.
I am even so stoked to be studying amd thinking of all the limitless possibilities I have available.
So yes, minor distractions, minor hiccups, and a few snags.
Im not slowing my pace.
Im not stopping in my tracks to admire anyone or anything from now on.
Lessons have been learned.

I'm actually excited now to turn the page and see what adventure is next. Like those books you read as a kid that were like "turn to page 87 to explore the pirate cave or turn to page 55 to keep sailing."
So maybe I went to the "wrong page" before. I have a new set of adventures to choose from now and  I feel like this time I am on the right path.

Guess we will wait and see.

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