Thursday, October 11, 2012

probably not the most mature move...

but i know im not mature so im gonna do it anyway.

i have so many questions still for you.
if you wanted nothing to do with me why the fuck were you reading my blog?
if you were reading all of the "emo kid" finger rants i had, why not text me the truth (or better yet talk to me as a person) much sooner than after a 2 week period?
when i drunk dialed you sunday night, why did you act like it was no big deal and that shit was just busy and such and things?
why when i asked if we could hang out when you were not so busy you didnt own up to the truth about this girlfriend and tell me "we'd figure it out?"
why make a pact with me to see only me but then see someone while i was away in another state and say youre going to date her AFTER you said you were going to date me?
i really just have questions that i know you wont answer and now i really want nothing but to publicly ask because it bothers you.
and i know thats an immature move but i dont care.
you dont have to read this and i have absolutely no shame in publicly displaying my thoughts and feelings.
i know someone else is dealing with a class A douchebag quite like yourself and maybe what im writing will give them a bit of clarity and solace that this whole situation is quite ridiculous and laughable.

yeah im not the most mature in this situation simply because of how you handled it............. by lying and lying and lying and trying to cover up lying and then getting hostile with me for standing up for myself when you admitted your truths trying to somehow justify lying to me.

i dont understand your logic and how you so flippantly responded to this whole situation.  its fucking cowardly and disgusting and really low.
yeah whatever do your thing and be happy but shit, be HONEST about it.
dont tell a girl you barely know you want to be serious with her and then while she's on vacation see your ex and decide to get back with her and then not tell the girl you initially said you wanted to see.  its fucking gross.

and then the whole time to tell me it was because you were distracted and bogged down with work and still not over your ex wife..... and that you needed to be a loner and be alone for THOSE REASONS ONLY..... christ you are a piece of work.

so yeah dude, im not writing this all just in an attempt to get my "emo kid fingers" clacking.  im writing this all because im explosively pent up with hysteria.  the laughing kind.  i have not stopped shaking my head laughing at you since you began this mess at 11am.

your logic is nothing short of a joke.
i really dont hate you or have ill will.
i just think youre the most awful person i have encountered in a long time.
youre completely self centered and selfish.
you maybe dont think so and maybe no one else will tell you so and im definitely aware my opinion of you means nothing but holy shit.  after all i told you about my life and my past and how much you even told me and how you led me along and whatnot....for you to lie like that and do what you did and try to cover it up and then be weird at me for posting my feelings when you never even gave me the full truth....?  you are a train wreck of a person.

good riddance and good luck trudy cusack.

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