Saturday, October 27, 2012

always moving forward

at the brink of retirement, my dad, knowing the risks, with a few of his colleagues, started up a new company.

what a fucking great example!  seriously not to swear in such a small statement but holy crap.
here is a man who could easily kick back and relax after many years of schooling and hard work and hard times.  here is a man who could kick back and relax after 4 kids and all the drama that comes with that (sorry fam, i mean well, trust me).

last week i was telling one of my instructors im a tad embarrassed to not be done with school until im 30 and how im pretty much the black sheep of my family (hence the blog title) for the choices i have made and the way my life has panned out. 

it's nice that i have an example in my dad that we should always be moving forward and that life is not done being lived until youre buried in the ground (or burned and dispersed of or stuffed in a jar if that's the route you choose to take). 

i can think of all the times that i should have stopped because of shame or failure or defeat.  i should have quit countless times because i wasn't strong enough or tall enough or brave enough.  should have and could have but didnt.  and im really glad i didnt. 

yes, i may be nearing 30 and graduating school.  i may not have a clue what the hell im doing most days.  i may be a single mom with a house over north.  but im not done.  i haven't quit, nor should i.  there is no shame in finding my way because no matter the age, we should all be doing that anyway.  we should all be progressing and moving and bettering ourselves.

so thanks dad.  i may not say it enough but thank you. 

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