Monday, October 15, 2012

oh my weird.

so i ate ice cream for breakfast.
never doing that again.
what a weird ass day.
random things and digging and just weird....

i maybe didnt handle things well on my end.
i get that.
but i dont get today.
i dont get what 2 hours were spent enduring.

i refuse to be private with my feelings.
maybe more cryptic but never private.
plenty of songs are written from "skewed viewpoints" and they help some people.
i dont know who reads this and is offended or who reads this and is helped.
well ok i know of a few who said they were helped.
and apparently a few that are horribly offended.

im not the only one on this side of the fence though.
i know that for a fact.

i am the last to ever shut my mouth.
maybe not the wisest of moves but i definitely regret nothing but what began at the end of august.
i wish i could take those days back.

that is all i regret.
that is my finest mistake.

but that's how we learn and grow.
that's how we move into bigger and better.
that's how new songs are written and certain scenarios are avoided in the future.

ill never stop my clacking fingers processing thoughts.
if someone is digging, the dirt is on their hands, not mine.
the end for now.

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