Friday, October 12, 2012

a new start

today marks a new day.
a day where i am completely liberated from all drama and nonsense and strings and hope and misread signals and misunderstood text and type.
today is a full day where im myself with no shame no matter what form ME comes out in.
today is a full day where im not worrying or stressing or overthinking or pondering or wondering or anything but having a fun day.
life is too short to live for tomorrow.
i never understood people saying they live for the now and the moment.
but it's true.
tomorrow isn't promised.
every time i make future plans with a guy they leave me anyway.
i should know by now that the future is absolutely never promised.

so no more guys.
no more funventure buddies.
no more silly friends.

not in that sense.

im going to just be me, live life, have fun, and see what is out there.
no commitment to things or people.
no stake or claim put in anything anyone says or does.
no thinking or worrying or stressing or wondering.

today marks the day where i just let go and live life.
experience things.
meet new people.
have fun.
shamelessly and fearlessly.

and i dont care who notices and doesn't approve.
i don't care who doesn't notice.
i dont care who does approve.

it's about me now.
the one person i am so very good at neglecting.

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